New one drop markmont Yoyo

When is it coming out and what’s the price and when do the pictures come out


You’re kidding right?

I don’t believe he is kidding.

“It gets here when it gets here!”- Mr Incredible (sort of)


I don’t think you guys quite understand xD
But On FB it was announced. Markmont is getting a THIRD model. Fourth if the Wooly counts!

That’s why I was saying, “I don’t believe he is kidding.”

The question, based on what I’ve seen, is premature though. Just because One Drop and Markmont decided it is a good time to do another signature, doesn’t mean there is a design, release date or any plans for anything to come out anytime soon. All they said was that it is a good idea…nothing else. To ask for photos, a price, and a release date, when they literally posted that to Instagram four days ago…is just way too soon.

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Still in the design phase :slight_smile:

Pretty sure Mark will have a prototype to show at PNWR.



But they just announced it on instagram a bit ago and he’s already asking for release dates lol.

People that ask 3 dumb things in one question without the use of a single question mark are rarely kidding but never to be taken seriously.

haha true. I thought he was talking about the first run, but now everything is cleared out.