Markmont Classic


I got to try a Markmont Classic at the One Drop Factory yesterday. Unfortunately, Paul says I can’t leak what it looks like. However, I think I can tell this. It looks nothing like the prievous Markmonts. Get what you want out of that. OD’s already made all of them, but they’re not anoed yet.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Ive played it too. While it’s nothing like the other signatures I definitely feel like it’s play was pretty similar to what you would expect from a signature of his.

(Former National 4A Champion) #3

With all the hype over the MMC, it better be a crazy good yoyo.


Never even heard of this #MarkmontClassic.


I think this will be the first throw that I buy right when it comes out ;D



I hope these are nickel or at least have nickel editions first run


Anoed Markmonts?


Gold Ano? Or maybe they are just being nickel plated and someone thought ano?


I got to play one if the protos at the shop it was a baller!