Markmont Classic

I got to try a Markmont Classic at the One Drop Factory yesterday. Unfortunately, Paul says I can’t leak what it looks like. However, I think I can tell this. It looks nothing like the prievous Markmonts. Get what you want out of that. OD’s already made all of them, but they’re not anoed yet.

Ive played it too. While it’s nothing like the other signatures I definitely feel like it’s play was pretty similar to what you would expect from a signature of his.

With all the hype over the MMC, it better be a crazy good yoyo.

Never even heard of this #MarkmontClassic.

I think this will be the first throw that I buy right when it comes out ;D


I hope these are nickel or at least have nickel editions first run

Anoed Markmonts?

Gold Ano? Or maybe they are just being nickel plated and someone thought ano?

I got to play one if the protos at the shop it was a baller!