new releses2014

What will be your favorite release in 2014 :stuck_out_tongue:

The new irony that werrd posted on their facebook

Puffin 2

I’m not actually sure about which yoyos are being released this year

Of ones that I know of, Puffin 2. Then I’m excited for anything One Drop, MonkeyFingeR, or G Squared. Maybe CLYW. Maybe

Props to the people being able to predict the future.

I don’t know what my favorite yoyo released in 2014 will be seeing as I haven’t tried them yet and it’s only been 2014 for 3 days.


Have you guys seen the Countach by Anti-Yo? Maybe it might come out this year…

Don’t know yet ask me again in a year

Probably something by G2 8)

Do you enjoy creating nearly pointless threads?

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Now now guys… nothing wrong with making a prediction. It is all in good fun.

I don’t know what my favorite will be but the Valor is going to be a great way to start out the year… I can speak from personal experience. :slight_smile:

Whatever this general yo x one drop thing is.

Or maybe it will pull a YWET.

At One Drop we have the Valor coming really soon. We are also working on a new yoyo for Mark Montgomery. More Rallys coming and lots of other cool plans for 2014. We’ll be on this ride with you all.

Please tell me one thing, will we see glow in the dark Rallys in 2014?

That is something we are working on, but I can’t make any promises about a time line on it.

Also, we have a lot of Benchmarks coming soon as well!

Puffin 2 is soooo good. Plays like a YYR.

You should release a clear Rally that has a blue ring in one half and an orange ring in the other… call it the GLaDOS Edition. :slight_smile:

That would be a dream come true!