What new yoyo(s) are you looking forward to in 2014?

What yoyo are you either…

A) looking forward to buying
B)looking forward to the release of
C)hoping for a new yoyo from your favorite company

Puffin 2!
Looking forward to see how it compares to the Gnarwhal 2 I’m getting.

Capital’s Angkasa

Puffin 2 and Valor.

Also, anxiously awaiting the Civility.

There’s some others on my wants list, and I’m looking forward to those as well, regardless of when I get them.

After that, it’s “wait and see”. I may adjust more of my spending to be at contests, so 3 times a year. Well, let’s face it, that’s not really going to happen. Right now though, my collection is growing and the stuff I want list is shrinking, so I think 2014 will have less buying unless it’s CLYW or One Drop. There’s a few smaller companies I will also support, such as G-Squared.

Looking forward mostly to the tenyoyo Bebop! You guys seriously need this. Also looking forward to the valor, new g2’s, greed, and whatever other awesome stuff comes to light.

I can’t wait to see what YYF releases in the “Player’s Line”. I doubt that I’ll be picking any of them up, but it will still be entertaining to see what YYF does with it.

BeBop and Puffin 2!

I’m stupid excited about the “#onedropxgeneralyo2014” that was on OD’s instagram

I was hoping the metal freehand and the Echo 2 would come out before the new year…

Good news for you, the
Echo 2 is already available at YYE

Well Im always excited to see new releases but Im planning to cut back on yoyo buying cause I really need to save up for my own computer Ill still probably get at least 1 yoyo next year maby more but I dont think ill be buying any more than 2

You know, I say this every year. Still hasn’t happened though. :wink:
I’m waiting on the OD Valor. Really looking forward to that one.

Puffin 2
New Yoyofactory Players Line

It’s gonna be a good year methinks. :slight_smile:

Right now just the Puffin 2. Hoping YYR will blow my mind with a glorious undersized bimetal.

Companies generally have to really impress me with a colorway for me to consider purchasing their product. CLYW makes awesome yoyos but what keeps me coming back are the colorways. Make a yoyo ugly and you’re not getting a dollar out of me, make it plain and it’s gonna have to be something real special (or inexpensive) for me to consider, make it look awesome and I’ll buy it now and worry about whether I like it later.

I saw on instagram that yoyofactory and turning point are collaborating again. Wondering what they are doing with that. ???

I want a Jason Lee signature.

Puffin 2 could be interesting, Valor looks great, and anything YYR releases. It’s hard to say. Just look back on 2013, how many of those great releases did we know about in late 2012? Almost none. So i’m mainly just looking forward to being surprised.

Puffin 2 all the way!

The Aftershock. Wow

Much rumble. Very yoyo.