What's all the buzz about Buzz-On. An in-depth look.

Buzz-On’s are one of my favorite yoyos to collect. Only problem is they are hard to find. They had cool graphics and wicked names. Anyone knows anything named Element-X is better the Element-Y or Z.
From Yoyo Wiki " Buzz-On Industries was founded in 2003 by Dave Bazan and Dave Muehlhaeusler and makes plastic yo-yos with metal or rubber weight rings. In the past Buzz-On yo-yos had however gained a reputation for wobbling, but this has since been remedied. Buzz-On has their own contest team, Team Buzz-On, and sponsors the team and various yo-yo events by allocating 50% of their profits towards these causes". As with most modern brands of throws it is hard to put a complete set together. My Buzz-on collection is no exception to this. It is how ever a fair offering of their line.
Models in the line before going out of business were:
• Blaze
• Bootleg
• Bushido
• C-Note
• DV8
• Element X (Original, Remix & Playa)
• Menehune
• Nemesis
• Rogue
Here is a group shot of my merger little grouping of buzz-On’s. There are five new in the bag Buzz-On’s that I am very proud of. You just cannot find them new in the bag anymore. it’s hard enough finding Buzz-On’s at all.

“The Buzz-On Blaze is a “bargain” version of the Element X. Where the Element X has weight rings, the blaze has rubber o-rings for weight. The Blaze uses a small-bearing SPR. Dave’s Skill Toys had a signature series Blaze in blue. The AYYA used the Blaze as their commemorative yo-yo in 2004. The TMR (team mysterious raccoons) made a signature one as well” (Yoyo Wiki). Here are a couple of the Blaze’s. A standard Red one and a Grey with www.wyyw.net, Japanese letters and the number 23 on it.

The Bootleg was the first offering from Buzz-On. I do not have one so picture is from Yoyo Wiki.

The Bushido along with the Element X are the most encountered Buzz-On’s.
Here is a groping of three. The Black on is a standard model. The Marbled Yellow Brown one is a Bushido XL. From the museum of Yoyo history. " The XL version of the Bushido was released in August of 2005 for the South Central Regional competition. Different from other Bushidos because of the recessed SPR, kentaro stickers, and larger diameter bearing. The model was a popular release, so Buzz-On added it to their standard line". The blue one is an uncapped Blaze version I picked up. Again from the museum of Yoyo history." The halves are dyed to a deep rich blue, and the halves used were transitions. So the marbling will become more noticeable as time goes by". If you will notice the small bearing verses the big bearing. The Black Bushido is different in the aspect, there are no recesses for the brass weights and it uses a small bearing.

Next is the C-note. A very rare throw. I do not have one, and pictures of it seem just as hard to find. Here is what I could find out about it. From the museum of Yoyo history." The Buzz-On C-Note was specifically made to try to break the World’s Open Division Sleep Record. It weighs 100 grams. Buzz-On offered $100 and 5 additional C-Notes with special caps commemorating the person who broke the record at an AYYA event to anyone who could break the record with a Buzz-On C-Note. Only 100 of these were produced. Specs are:
Shape: Butterfly
Color: Black with Gold weight disks
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: Diameter 57.16 mm Width 39.25 mm.
Material: plastic, metal weight rings.
Bearing size: 250 x 500 x 1875
Friction sticker response".
The DV8 is one more I am looking for. Only about 100 were made and they are numbered on the packaging and came with a certificate of authentication and pogs that have ID #‘s (00-99) on the eyes in the pog. The DV8 is a pre-production run, production run was never made due to YoYoJam patent on yo-yos with rims that have a denser material than the body of the yo-yo. The one pictured here is owned by Acid Ronon.

The Element-X, this is the best known Buzz-on yoyo. There is a lot of info on these and some really cool editions and colors. From Yoyo Wiki. " The Element X is Buzz-On Industries’ flagship yoyo. While not their first yoyo, it is definitely the most widely known and used. The Element X was originally a Freehand shaped yoyo with a small bearing and aluminum “energy rings” placed inside the yoyos outer edge, for more weight and added spin time. It used friction stickers for response, placed on the inner wall of the yoyo. Since then, the Element X, has evolved greatly. At one time they were produced with Buzz-On’s patented SPR kits installed, but sitting on top of the inner wall. Buzz-On then proceeded to begin producing the Element X with the SPR spacers recessed into the inner walls of the yoyo, producing much more desirable results. The yoyo, currently, comes in three variations: Original Element X (featuring a small bearing SPR), Element X Remix (featuring a medium bearing SPR), and the Element X Playa (featuring a large bearing SPR). There was also a small run of “Chop Shop” edition Element Xs. These featured the original small bearing configuration without the SPR kits along with a unique sticker recesses that had a thin groove cut deeper inside the recess. This allowed the user to choose any number of response options, including: recessed sticker, o-ring, silicone recess, or any combination of the aforementioned.
For some time there were many complaints made about the Element X due to the yoyo wobbling and the aluminum weight rings falling out. Today, Buzz-On has addressed many of these issues and produces, what many regard as, a quality product. A Nationals Logo Yo-Yo was made in 2003 A MWR Logo yo-yo was made in 2004. A MWR Logo yo-yo was made in 2005.
Here are the ones I have. the White one is one of the small runs of the “Chop shop” edition. From Yoyo Wiki “The Chop Shop edition was a limited run “Back to Basics” Element X, designed for customizing. Gone was the SPR axle system, and the original bearing design was used. It was recessed for pads, and notched in the recess to add silicon response. With custom logo, this release was limited to only 48 pieces”. The Blue one is a Playa edition.
The Green one is from the Iowa States and has May 13 on it. It has a fantastic white dye job on it. Not sure if it was made that way or modded later.
The Marbled Yellow Brown is a Remix edition. From our friend Yoyo wiki " The Remix was the first Buzz-On model to feature their SPR axle system with a medium sized bearing. Like most of the Element X line, colors varied widely. Very many combinations of body color, weight ring color, and logo color". The Black one is a rare Beta edition and is different in the fact it has no recesses or brass weights and a small bearing.

Menehune is the high performance Mini Yo-Yo from Buzz-On. This version from Fall of 2004 included the large Diameter SPR axle system and new logo design. Other info from Yoyo Wiki. " The Menehune was Buzz-On’s first miniature yo-yo. The Menehune, along with the Element X Pro introduced SPR, a response system which self-contained bearing system into existing yo-yo halves. The Menehune initially came in white and black, and had non-engraved weight rings. There was a logo version of this yo-yo made for the 2004 MWR contest, and the 2005 World yo-yo contest".

“The Nemesis by Buzz-On is a rounded butterfly shaped yo-yo made from plastic with metal inset weight rings. It takes large YoYoJam size bearings and Buzz-On’s SPR system is used in the gap, giving it a pad response system. A number of special editions were released. For example, the 2004 MWR yo-yo contest had a Nemesis with the MWR logo available for purchase”.(courtesy of Yoyo wiki). Here is my example of the 2004 Red one mentioned as well as a 2004 Bay Area Classic edition.

Next is the last model, The Rouge. While it is lacking the side caps (made that way) that gives Buzz-On’s so much appeal. it is rare as only about 100 were made. “The Buzz-on Rogue was made by Dave Mulhouzer. It takes the Zombie and trims away the inner most part, forming metal weight rings out of it. Using that it them glues them onto a recessed Element X Shell. This Yoyo was never fully put into sell”. Retrieved from “http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Buzz-On_Rogue” Mine is a little different for the two I have seen. it has a carbon fiber looking sticker over the nut hole as where the others have what looks like a Velcro(the fuzzy side) looking cover over there nut hole.

These are what they look like when they are truly new in the bags. Notice the tape holding the string to the bodies. This is the one sided intuition sheet and they will come with one style of the two pads pictured(only one pad per throw) if they are suppose to come with one.

A couple of new White Bushido mediums.

A couple more new Bushidos. One in marble Blue and the Silver is an XL.

This one is a new Metallic Silver Element-X Remix.

And this is the SPR system. One more to the wonderful info site Yoyo Wiki. " SPR stands for Spacer Pad Response. It is a bearing and response system produced by Buzz-On, intended to allow easy modification of yo-yos. The SPR is, essentially, oversized bearing spacers. The bearing is held between the two spacers by a small bearing seat. The rest of large brass spacer is smooth and flat, allowing a yo-yoer to place any of a variety of friction stickers on it.
The SPR originally was introduced in only one size, the large C bearing, but it now comes in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. SPR kits can easily be placed in most yo-yos that use bearing spacers to allow the use of a different response option or a different sized bearing than the yo-yo originally had. Buzz-On currently produces most of their own line of yo-yos with SPR spacers recessed into the sides of the yo-yo". Also pictured are three SPR setups. large and small bearing. Notice the three different colors of lettering used, Red, Black and Blue. Hope you enjoyed. tim


Really, really cool post. Didn’t get to read the whole thing yet but I saw you were looking for a pic of a C-note. Here’s a pic of mine -

Tell me more about it, please. tim

I thought Buzz-On were making a comeback, though haven’t heard anything much too recently about it.

I’ll make a post when I get home in a couple hours. I’ll try to get some pics of the stuff that came with it.

I miss my #68 DV8…And my Mustard looking marbled Element-X recess remix! and bushido… Oh wait. I still have my bushido!

bushido xl…that’s some good plastic right there.


partly sunny…

I thought buzz on sponsored BAC.

I really appreciate the effort it takes for you to make such informative threads like this one. I really enjoy them and hope you will continue.


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I enjoy this thread very much.

The only yoyo that I’ve tried from Buzz-On was the Element-X.

And I do miss that thing.

I hope Buzz-On make a come back soon.

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Here is a pic of the guts and the items I received when I bought the C-note. I bought it used off ebay so I’m assuming the string and bouncy ball were just extras the seller added (though I don’t know for sure). The yo-yo also has a satined finish in the catch area which I also think wasn’t how it came new.

Here’s a close up of my Menehune Pro. I love the graphic on this yo-yo. It’s number 32.

Here is a group pic of the Buzz-Ons in my collection. The DV8 is #42.

Very nce, you ever want to do any trading, please let me know. tim

I love my Buzzon Bushido, but I really want another Buzzon, just cause they are so sweet! Id trade big for those any day. Oh well, knowing people who kept them, I’ll never get another one until Buzzon relaunches, which I hope it does soon.

Your posts are very much appreciated. It was an excellent read.

Dave Bazan does have a toy/yoyo store in Boise now. I am the modder for his yoyos and training some others. He has plans for more buzz-ons.


It was actually Dave Muelhausler, but the phonetics aren’t far off. :wink:

Also, the Menehune, if memory serves, was first introduced in the “Pro” version but the weight rings were not “recessed” at first, and we liable to pop off. That’s when they started recessing them.

I had a C-note for a while… built up my callous nicely haha.

The element X could be really buggy sometimes… but man, when you had one perfectly tuned, it’d play better than a lot of metal throws on the market at the time.

I used to have a bunch, but most of 'em are broken and in pieces now… but that’s less a testament to the quality of construction, and moreso a testament to how much abuse I used to put yo-yos through…


There were about 2-3 DV8s w/ extra menehune shells on the outside facing in (imperial style) so it was like to imperial style yo-yos attached w/ a bearing in the middle.

May be even been the first “cubed” style yo-yo where the width is equal (or in this case greater) than the diameter.

It was known as the blue balls, since it looked like two blue menehune style ball shapes stuck together, and also since it was a fun joke to throw around.

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Bumping this.

Got this DV8 a while back for pretty cheap, it was missing the caps and the weight rings.
Cut some difeyo weight rings I had laying around to fit, both looks and plays pretty damn good!

Fun Fact:

“Menehune” is a small, elf-like creature in Hawaiian mythology. Legendary Duncan yoyo demonstrator Barney Akers traveled to Hawaii frequently both to promote yoyos and for vacations. When he was doing the Bank Deposit trick (forward regen, yoyo goes through your legs and into your pants pocket) every time he missed he would chuckle and look in his pocket, then look up surprised and say “I’ve got menehune’s in my pocket!” and all the little Hawaiian kids would laugh like crazy.

That’s why Dave named this undersized little yoyo the Menehune.


elementx was my first yoyo, i miss em dearly. Bushido’s were dope. I would buy them in a second if yye had them. the only problem was the weight rings had a tendency to pop out though that was mostly the element x. The caps were the best artwork I’ve seen on a yoyo to date…

so I’m confused, do they still make buzz-ons?

I hope some of those are being played. Really cool stuff.