Does anyone remember buzzon yo-yo's?

I have a few, and I love them! I still need to learn how to tune the vibe out of them though. Not many people liked buzzons because of their wobble and vibe problems.

My element X has no vibe though, and I love it! Do you guys remember this yo-yo brand or not? Famous yo-yoers like Miguel Correa and Mark Montgomery were on team buzzon before they went out of business! I love buzzon yo-yo’s.

I remember.
Even though i only try element x, my friend has one, and it is very rare here (half way around the world).
It’s good.

Can anybody tell me why there are no more buzz-on?
Is it correct it wa the dv8 incident?

Yea. I think I’ve owned at least 1 of every Buzz-on ever released, other then the Termite. The only one I currently still own is a Limited Edition Neon Green/Black Element X made for JD’s w/ JD Designed Caps. Still one of my favorite throws. I originally liked the Buzz-on Element X cause it was basically an original Freehand (same body shape) with Metal Weight Rings, Wider Gap and Less Responsive Pads.
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You may not be able work out the vibe on a lot of the Buzz-ons, they were notorious for bad vibe. Later releases got a bit better, but generally vibe was to be expected. I didn’t much care for their undersized products, they seemed to have considerable more vibe. Maybe I was just unlucky. My favorites were the Element X and the Blaze.

I don’t remember hearing anything about a “DV8 incident” but I did fall off the face of the planet for awhile. I do know that Dave Bazan had some personal problems for awhile.

The reason Buzz-on isn’t a company anymore, is because they made the Dv8. It had metal rims on it, something usually seen on a YYJ yoyo. Then YYJ took action, because they had a patent over it. I think YYJ threatened to sue buzz-on (or something of that nature) so Buzz-on shut down. 5 years ago.

The Dv8:

Buzz-on Tuning

hey thanks for the buzzon tuning info.! ^^^