Buzz on YoYo's

Ok so I have a few questions about buzzon, and wanted to see if you guys could answer them.
-Are they discontinued?
-If not where can i buy an element-x
-Has anyone ever player with one?

What I know is that they were sued by yyj for making the dv8. I don’t know if they were discontinued because of that though.
-Has anyone ever played with a Dv8?

  • Yes
  • From the BST’s.
  • I’m pretty sure Jayyo has.

I am also pretty sure they weren’t sued, but were told they would be if they released it.

  • Yes.
  1. they haven’t made much in awhile. there was talk of buzz-on coming back with the termite last year, but they haven’t been made in large numbers, and dave has been selling off some of his old parts. so yeah, discontinued at present.
  2. sometimes they pop up on b/s/t.
  3. i have a large bearing doc pop version. it’s wonderful, but you have to know how to tune them up a bit to play perfectly.
  4. they weren’t sued, just threatened with patent infringement and a cease and desist. they still made new yo-yo’s for awhile after that, but not very long. i used to own a dv8. it was great, but i prefer the elex personally. when it came out, people thought it was just ridiculously wide, and now it’s kind of an industry standard shape.

Whats Bst?
Lol i typed it in on google and it said;
Plz respond!

buy sell trade.

and why would yoyojam sue buzzon if they came out with the dv8? it wasn’t their idea.

But the use of metal rings on the outside of the yoyos were. (or something along those lines)

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i am not sure but i think yyj pattented the way they attached the metal rings onto the yoyo. yyf did the counter attack and it was legal because they didn’t attach the weight rings on like yyj did. i think buzzon did used the same attachment system in the dv8 as did yyj with theirs.

You are mostly right accept that Buzz-on did not use the same type of attachment as YYJ. Dave just didn’t have the funds to get a lawyer to fight Oliver. Oliver had enough money to just bully him. Thats why the DV8 didn’t last.
I had Tommy Gun’s DV8 at one time. I’m going to try to get it back. I think the same guy has it. I think an Agape for that DV8 will be a good deal!

YOU are mostly right except that Dale OLIVER, the nat’l grandmaster, runs Spintastics.
Dale BELL is the “Yoyojam Dale”.

Yeah I know. I realized what I did as soon as I saw your post. Oliver only lives about 3 hours away from me too. lol
That’s what happens when you are so into making sure that you get everything right that you screw up one of the biggest names in yoyoing.