whats up with buzzon?


I read about buzzon on yoyo wiki or what ever. it says they were in business since 2003. I can’t find one buzzon yoyo on the entire internet. What is the deal with that? I want one really bad because they look so nice. So if you know where to get a buzzon yoyo, any model, i don not care, please please please tell me!

One more thing, on buzzonyoyos.com it says they are selling the domain, So does that mean they are out of business?


You have to be lucky to find one on the BSTs, but they’re out there. Yes they’re out of business.


thank you very much

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i have a dyed element x no pogs i might sell if i can find the axle lol


If you can’t find the axle, there are easy ways to get replacement ones.

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I’ve been dyeing to use it but o well ill have to make a run down to ace hardwear.


their out of business, however, you can snag a dv888 if you want to replicate a dv8. Also, dont quote me on this, but I think Mark Montgomery MIGHT have a few from when he was sponsored by them if you want to get in touch with him.

Funfact: Hans’s dad was the owner of buzzon, (Hans is the co-owner of yyf)

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o paul yath he use to be sponsored by buzzon contact him


Uhmmm, NO…
Dave Bazan was the owner of Buzzon yoyos.


then who is hans related to?


I know where to get them. PM me.


His dad started Proyo/Playmax.


ahh, I get the two mixed up


For all your yoyo history (and other stuff) needs: http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Main_Page

And a slight correction…
Donald Duncan Jr actually started Playmax/Proyo. Hans’ dad, Tom Van Dan Elzen, bought it from him.