Buzz-On? Buzz-Off?


Seriously, what happened to these cats? Their website isn’t even registered anymore. Are these folks still around or even in business?

Anyone know?

(Jeromy K.) #2

I’ve looked also and the only place I have found them sold on is the Euro-yo site and they are closed the last time I looked. I have never used one and am curious how they play.



I’m really curious.

If anyone has some information about Buzz-On, I’d really like to hear it. (Confidentiality permitting, of course.)

(Chris Allen) #4

Yes and No…

Yes, they are coming back into business, at least that was the work from Dave back in August…

No, I don’t think that they will do anything huge. I think mainly the return was Dave working with Ben at YYF for the DV888. I hope I am wrong, I would live to see more Buzz-on yo-yo’s out there.


Chris, as usual, thank you for the information. I kinda figured you’d be the one replying when I bumped this. :wink:

I want these guys back. I really did love their yoyos, and it saddens me I can’t buy any of them anymore.