What's a reasonably priced chrome/raw aluminum/nickel yoyo (anything shiny :P) ?


Recently I learned about how people need to polish raw aluminum yoyos so I tried to polish the metal bit of my dark magic after half a year of use and it is beautiful the way its shining!

Anyway I want a full raw aluminum yoyo or whatever has the stainless steel look that really shines.

The only ones I’ve seen are the new Super G one and the Summit nickel which are quite pricey for me I intend to get a splash Summit in the future probably so I need an alternative for a shiny yoyo :slight_smile:

I guess anything below $100?

So suggestions anyone?



I’ve got a great option for you!

YoYoExpert still has a Nickel plated One Drop Yelets in stock. It’s price is very low for a Side Effect yoyo and it plays fantastically! The shape of the yoyo really lends itself to the nickel/raw look, too, so if you plan on polishing it up it’ll really shine!


Or you could get any metal and ship it to yoyospirit to polish it for you.


i have a polished spyy ronin i would sell.

okay wait your in the phillipines so shipping would be outrageous.


Raw super g is nice, or od markmont next


If you have $15 more you can get a nickel summit with the sale there’s still some in stock


Titanium Ricochet… only $200 ::slight_smile:


A different store has silly gooses in nickel for $55 usd… I’ll pm you the link.


Many stores also have a yoyoday sale happening today. They usually put the discount code on their facebook page.


Raw will be the most shiny. yoyorecreation is the answer.


Naked Werrd Tre might be perfect. $100, no need for stripping the anno first, 7075 aluminum. V-shaped, lots of rim weight. It’s at the very top of my wish list, but I can’t justify another yo-yo right now. When I do get one, I’m going to do the same thing and polish it.


How about a HEX?


Is it still pyramette finish? does it grind as well as the other colorways?

Thanks for the suggestions guys I’m leaning towards going for the yellets so that I can purchase other extras like the spike side effect, ammo string (is it the same as type x? or very different?), etc without piling up on the amount i have to spend.


One drop markmont next

(YoYoStringLab) #15

Ammo is thicker than Type X. It’s nice for whips and slack.