Solid Silver

Hey! Are there any really good yoyos which are solid silver-coloured aluminium, in other words, no splashes, no washes, just a plain silver awesome looking yoyo!
Just like the Silver Werrd Hour (link below)

I don’t have too many like this.

The H-Spin Corli Prototype is one. I have a Peak like this. Also, the 10 YoYo Wet Whistle and Ghost Crab Decapod are both 7075 models and polished up so it’s going to be more like you want.

What about nickel? I have a Nickel RecRev Silly Goose and a nickel Dingo.

My Sleipnir and Dreadnought are similar to this.

I think my TFL and 4XL are satin finished and raw, so I don’t think these would meet your requirements. Nor would my metal drifters, especially since they aren’t totally “silver”

I have a raw, raw/blasted and blasted Agape. Each brings a different variation to the “silver yoyo” thing.

I also have a stripped and polished Batossai. I think it plays as good as it looks, and it looks amazing.

I might have some other stuff. I can’t recall right now. I like the “silver metal” look, no question about it.

Take a look at the dif-e-yo line. Most are silver and all play just fine. Unfortunately YYE only has 2 models in stock and these are anodized. You may find some in the “previously owned” bin.

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One Drop seems to release nickel plated and silver or clear anodized for a ton of their throws. YYR has a decent amount of silver/raw releases.

The hour is lots of fun but if you have the cash go for an Irony JP. It’s an amazing throw and outdoes many of my other more expensive yoyos.

Yoyofficer Kilter is available in plain silver.

I have two for-E-Yo models that are really nice and both are “silver” and really cool!

Nickel yoyos look silver if you keep them untarnished (As far as I can tell from the photos/descriptions)

Not sure if you’re still looking for one but the strix comes in sliver.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite yoyos that come in silver or raw.

Tre 2k13
Hour 2k13
KingSpin Chronicle (also its a bit on the darker side)
Irony JP, GBA

All of which, as far as I know are still on sale. There are plenty more that I would name, but you’d have to hunt them down.

OMG so many choices! Thank you all for your help! I will extensively research them and see which is best for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I purchased a “Snowday” Gnarwahl 2. It’s more of a blasted silver but is very pretty and grinds very nicely as well.


Oh wow One Drop does a lot of Nickel plated yoyos! It may be my next choice if I can’t find any shiny silver/raw yoyos to my liking. It’s a shame some yoyos are just dull grey, they might sell way better if they were raw, because then they would have me buying it! Haha

nickel Summits available.

Along with the Summit, you may also want to check out a few other nickel One Drops currently in stock here at YYE:

Code 2
Code 1