cheapest nickel/raw aluminum you can find here?

I’ve always wanted a shiny silver yoyo but the silver colors of say shutter im sure is nothing compared to a nickel plate I want to be able to see myself in the yoyo! :slight_smile:

So yea guys mind directing me to yoyos with nickel plated option or raw aluminum something like that for the least cost?

Many Thanks

The OD MarkMont Next ran out of stock a while back, I think the next cheapest on YYE is the OD Yelets. I think the cheapest was the OD Dingo but they dont hav eit on YYE so you could try to find one on the BST

Polished aluminum with a clear seal.

Removing a yoyo’s ano is not difficult. Simply dissassemble any yoyo, give it a bath in some Sodium Hydroxide-based cleaner, agitating it, for anywhere from 1-10+ minutes. This will give you a dirty, yucky, yet raw yoyo. buff it up with some steel wool, and if you’re going for the full mirror, some jeweler’s rouge.

Don’t use steel wool

Check out the YoYoJam SR-71. It comes in a Nickel Plated option and I love mine. It looks great, and it only costs about $55.00.

There is one markmont next in stock