Is this a raw yoyo?

Hey guys I recently got a yoyo in a trade I’m pretty sure it’s ok kind of summit, but I’m not sure if it’s raw or nickel plated seeing as I’ve never had either on a yoyo before. If anyone could take a look at the pictures and offer some advice would be great.

It looks nickle to me! It looks like it already been worn in so my only advice would be to play it and enjoy!

nikel plated, with many sdings…

Thanks for the help guys

enjoy it!

Looks like the CLYW & OneDrop Summit if you ask me. If you can pop out the hub/bearing post that’s an extra confirmation. Polished aluminum is a brighter shade of silver than that so likely nickel plated.

Yeah I don’t really care about the dings, it plays pretty good still, but if it was raw I was thinking of sanding it down and gretting a cheap anno thrown on it, but ive been looking into how the nickel tarnishes though and alot of them look really cool when they get older.

As long as there are no burrs on the rims it won’t affect play to just leave them. It’ll look really cool once the nickel tarnishes all the way down too 8)

Since it’s nickel plated, you can try and polish it if you want to lessen the scratches. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, looks like you’ve got yourself a good yoyo there. Enjoy!

Raw aluminum yoyos won’t stay ‘mirror’ like that for a long time especially if you touch them, they will start turning foggy and white-ish quickly after being played for a day or two.

I don’t think it is great advice, to reduce the scratches it is not enough to polish but to remove material reaching the level of scratches, so nickel plated would be virtually removed

Yeah the one in the OP is definitely nickel plated!

It is confusing because a “raw” aluminum yoyo can be polished and quite shiny. But it’ll also slowly tarnish over time.


One of my favorite polished yoyos is the Turntable. Sooo beautiful. I actually feel the Turntable 2.0 is a step backwards in looks at least, just my opinion!