3 custom yoyos 2 raw ready for your project

I use to anodize yoyos and have a few here collecting dust there in brand new condition and have been thrown to see what they look like spinning but not really played with
One drop yelats
One drop dang
Yo yo community artifact
These are artistry series yo yo’s they were selling for a premium

I also have  2 raw yoyos 1is a one drop not sure what model
The other 1 not sure  what it is ready for whatever custom project you want to build

PayPal is preferred and please have payment ready I’m not into playing the wait a week or 2 game only to find out you changed your mind
Prices include shipping in the continental us  I will ship internationally at your expense
And I’m not passing the PayPal fees to you

These yoyo’s are in new condition  and legit they are not copy’s and have no dings or dents or wear of any kind you might find a little dust on them from sitting on display on a shelf  the raw 1s are new  they were misplaced and never got anodized before closing down the shop

The anodized one drops 75$ ea
The artifact 50$
The raw 1s  40$ ea
I have a anodizer I can put you in touch with for custom work

The 2 raw yoyos are sold
The 2 artistry series 1 drops are still available
The Yoyo community artifact is available