What yoyos should i get?

Ok, I get the feeling I am not going to be buying many more 1A yoyos considering I already have a collection of decent ones. So for my last purchases for 1A I was wondering what to get. I will probaly be getting 3-5 yoyos. I currently own:

Dark Magic
2009 Aqua 888

In my opinion I dont really think I need 20 1A yoyos, so im only going to be buying a few more. I was wondering which ones I should get.
I know this largely depends on preference but I just want your guy’s opinions. Try to think along the lines of yoyos that everyone should have in their collection. Or just great over all yoyos. Id like to try to keep each one under $100 but I wouldnt mind going over $100 on 1 of them. Im just gonna pretend one of them is a little present to myself, and that one I dont care about the price lol . So any Ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!


Unfortunately for you, almost all of them are sold out.


Unfortunately for you, almost all of them are sold out.

I was already going to get a Bvm ;D but I didnt really think about a Project that much ???

i would suggest a tom kuhn fat cat… i own one and its amazing, aircraft aluminum, great bearing, and perfect shape for string tricks… although it can be a little too responsive for my taste. also i really enjoy my takeshi modified duncan freehand fh zero, the color is a 5 color flip, different color at any angle… and get a couple more dark magics while they are in stock in white and lime green.

i would get a legacy or a hitman. the legacy is one of the best all plastic yoyos i have ever played with. its also very cheep. the hitman is great because its made for grinding. also the project is good.

keep it spinning

Get a Legacy!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

No offence guys, but did ya read his post? He already has a Legacy. I think everyone ought to have an FHZ. It’s a classic.

Have Fun,

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile: