What yoyos do you have multiples of and why?


I read a lot on here about people having x number of chiefs or skywalkers and such and I’m kinda wondering why. I don’t currently have doubles of anything (though I might buy another cascade because I bought mine beat and I throw it more than any other).
So what do you own multiples of? and…
Are you buying extras for 3A, for collectors sake, or another reason?

Ready go!

(UmeNagisa) #2

Because i like the various colorways!

or like chiefs, heavy, standard and light runs

or in the YYF case different metals or versions (supernova, supernova 2012, or lite)

and some like the G5 i have one stack and one unstacked.

and others are 3A or 4A


I have two YoyoJoker Eternities as a competition pair.



Mostly just for 3A. I have a pair of Adegle PSGs, Duncan Echos, STYY Remnants, and STYY Quarks (not the best 3A pair but a fun yoyo).

I also have like 3 Imperials and 2 Butterflies. I got one Imperial as my first yoyo ever and the other two were gifts. I got the Butterfly when I wanted to start learning more and the other one was a gift.

The only other yoyo I have doubles of is the Duncan Metal Drifter. I got my first one as my first unresponsive yoyo. I bought my second one from Jansen because the paint job he did on it was sick and he was selling it for only $10.


Cascades. Basically because theyre crazy good. Best OD throw out there. Best throw you can get for right around $100 brand new.


How many did you have before I bought mine? lol


2 Skywalkers - Well they are skywalkers
2 Speed Bettles - For 2A
2 Code2’s - Got them from David at the D shop for a great price and they are amazing
2 Chiefs - Awesome yoyo and I can’t find one of the colorways anywhere else
2 Gnarwhals - My favorite and my first CLYW
2 Pros - For 5A my go to choice
3 JKs - Used to do 3A and they are the best 20 dollar yoyo anywhere
2 Supernovas - Probably favorite YYF next to the genesis
2 Northstars - Awesome plastic

I think I have too many multiples of yoyos now that I have listed them, hehe.


none …

although i did have two chiefs … 1st run and 2nd run … sold the 1st run cus i liked the 2nd run colorway.


This is a similar thread for those who missed it:

I am somewhat of a collector, but have just begun really.  If I really like the yo-yo, I want one to play, one to keep mint as a collector.  To answer your question:

4 MMN, one to keep mint, one to beat up, but I have a nickel and a sodablast, so with that logic it equals 4.

3 Di Base, I had a purple polished, but I had an opportunity to buy other colors I preferred in bead blast, a finish I preferred, so I got a blue and a black.  Color variety is cool. I play the black one, the purple has damage, the blue will be mint.

3 YYF Genesis, I bought a YYE Edition but wanted to keep it mint, I collect those, I wanted one to play with so I got a small bearing Genesis, until I realized that is rare, so I can’t play that one either really, so I just bought a 2012 Edition to beat up.  They are all different versions of the same yo-yo.

7 Dingos, I just made it my goal to collect the entire rainbow of colors, when I see them, I buy them.  I have a half black/half blue that I beat up, I don’t play the other ones.

2 Cosmos, they are just pretty, I don’t throw them around, but they’re nice looking so I found two different colors I liked over time.  Color variety mainly.

3 Dark Magic II  I have a beater one, a signed one, and a YYE Special Edition collector one.

2 YYF Catalysts, Harold Owens Edition, both versions.  I play the gold with blue splash and keep the other mint.

2 Spin Dynamics Monkey Fists, the mirror silver to beat up the soda blast nickel to keep mint.

2 Exit 8s, a black to beat up, and a blue as a collector.

2 General Yo Entheos, a gold to play, a blue/green as a collector

2 General Yo ministars, one to play, one to keep mint

2 Spyy Supras, one to play, the other to keep mint

2 Burnsides…you get the gist

2 Dietz…same idea

2 Popstars…got one in a trade and already had one, just ended up with 2

2 Yoyojam Classics, I had one, and got one in another color as a gift.

There are more, but those came to mind.


I have two imperials. Why not?


Pair of G5s for hydra and 3a.
Pair of Raider EX’s for 2a
4 proyos for fixed axle and teaching kids


4 chiefs
3 bvm
3 wooly marmot
2 gnarwhal
3 avalanche

I’m ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:


Two b-grade Yeah3’s as a 3A pair. Two Protostars for the same reason.


For the VERY LITTLE that I do 3A (sleepers and binding mostly), I use a pair of Code 1.5s, so I can do it with no duplicates.


3 victorys 2 to beat (1a,3a,5a) and 1 for 1a to keep nice looking


Why don’t you share with the rest of us?!?!?!