what throw do you have more than one of and why?

I just recently bought my second DM2 (the new YYE toxic frog edition) and my wife asks why, aren’t they the same (she understand the ‘difference’ between different throws) and my son saw it as an opportunity to ask for my old one (purple)…

Which got me curious - what throws do you have multiples of, and why (what led you to wanting more than one of a particular throw) ?

I’d consider picking up a second Cafe Racer, just to swap halves around…

2 Unleashed, Red and blue, so I can swap halves. I haven’t yet. I want the white one too so I can have three unique ones. This will be what I use for 2A when I get there.

2 Duncan Pulse, because, well, one is red and one is blue. It’s just the paint on it. Big deal. I plan on doing some “dark 2A performances”.

2 Freehand 2’s. One is a FH2, the other is a Freakhand. No mods.

3 FHZ’s. One is the Pulse with silicone stickers and Terrapin X A+ Beefcake, one is an xminusmikex job(amazing, BTW) and a stock blue with yellow caps. The Pulse will be used for dark performances.

2 Duncan Imperials. They are cheap. Green, blue.

2 Duncan keychain yoyos. One is used as a pull on my YYE Medium bag, the other stays in one of my cases.

3 IKYO Agape yoyos because they are freakin’ amazing. 1 is all soda blasted, another is raw, the third is soda blasted with polished inside portion of the rims.

2 Shinwoo Techno 2’s for whenever I get around to learning 3A.

Might double up on others. I have a bunch of offstrings and I can’t do offstring very well. Got a growing collection of CW’s and I can’t do much 5A either.

Will probably get a second Lyn Fury to keep stock. Will probably get a second DM2 since it’s one of my favorites. Depending on how I like the One Drop stuff I plan to get, might double up on some of them. I am fine with CLYW’s as singles.

Reasons for having 2:
Play one, keep one nice.
Mod one, keep one stock.
Double up or more for competitions.
Double up for 2A and 3A.
Double up or more for other multi-yoyo styles.
Cheap and you want to.
Have some around for “trials” for noobs and give-aways.
Because you want to.
I’m not into the swapping of halves, bet hey, that’s my preferences.

2 RecRev No 9’s: One came from a trade, the other bought from Alex. I love it’s stability and shape.
2 RecRev Papier Maches: Cause I busted my first one, and wanted some backups.
2 Proyos: Got 'em at Fry’s for $2 each, and I wanna learn 2A with them.

Edit: I accidentally a word.

I have some doubles of some clyw throws, just so I can swap the halves

Duncan Freehand x4.

One stock.
One has a wooden axle jammed into it for fixie action.
One has metal weight rings.
One is sili recessed.

I love Freehands. I play them all regularly.

2 peak maybe one and 2 positron

I have 3 P2’s because they are very fun,2supernova’s for fun and for contest, and multiple freehands, FHZ’s and cheap throws.

I dont have double anything, however I wouldnt mind getting a few more protostars… theyre great, cheap, and I would use them for competitions, demos, and to mix and match their colors.

If I really like something, I want to keep one mint…and I like choosing different colors.

3 Dark Magic II different colors

2 Markmont Next…one soda blasted, one nickel, not sure yet which to keep mint…any suggestions?

2 tom kuhn RD1, one natural one Black

3 YYJ SR-71, black, blue and nickel plated

3 YYF One…different colors, and one is the new redesigned version

I have never swapped halves…never even thought to do so.

2 Duncan Freehand 2, a blue and a black

3 Duncan Freehand Zero, blue/red, black and clear light up version

2 Aoda littles

Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment…

I have 5 09’ yoyofactory severe’s, I used them for shows and gigs, I have several fhz’s I think they just breed or something not sure why I have more then 1. :slight_smile: I have multiple of other yoyos as well, mainly from trades and such.

I usually try to avoid doubles as much as possible, but I do have two 2010 YYR Clashes – one silver (clear ano) and one lime green beadblasted. In my case, it boils down to the 2010 Clash being my second favorite yoyo (trumped only by the 2012 model) and me liking both of the colorways and not being willing to part with either one. The green is just intense, and the silver is an awesome look too – not to mention rare, 1 of 10 from what I heard. I’m trying to get ahold of a red one too, and a lime green 2011 model to go with my yellow one… I guess I’m just addicted to the Clash.

Well I know a guy who has a cheif for pretty much any day of the week.

5 888’s. I love the way they play. Plus they have had many design changes over the years. Highwall, grade of aluminum used, small and large bearing, weight, and so on. I think is fun to play the different versions, and compare them.

I have muliples of many yoyo. Idk y I just do. I feel good that I do.

I have two Burnsides right now for competition. I bought a yellow one and I love it but I have always wanted a Thunderstorm edition. So when the Thunderstorm edition came out I bought it. I decided to hang on to my Yellow Burnside through Florida State Contest so that if I need a second throw I’ll have another of the same kind if I knot my first one up. Which is a great reason to have a second of a throw if you are going to do a competition.

I want to get two of something for 3a soon. Just not sure which ones to pick up for that. Was thinking of doing the burnside for 3a but I would want them the same color not different colors. So I’m not sure. In the mean time I sold my Yellow Burnside so that I can buy the Code 2 coming out next week or so.

But I would get 2 of a yoyo or even 3 of a yoyo if you are competiting so that you can have the same throw if you need it. Also for 3a you may even want 4 of that one as backup.

As someone else said, some get them for collecting. If I could convince my wife, I would probably have several burnsides :slight_smile:

I have 2 protostar because I bought another cause I thought I broke it. Turns out I didn’t, the guy at the store fixed it for me. After I already got the other one of course ;). I have 2 bigyos, one that was my first 4a throw and another I won at VA states

2 Super-yo Typhoons, it was a package deal, and I love them.

I bought another Protostar because my first one broke. :open_mouth:
I’m planning to get 3 more off the BST somewhere though. I love that throw :]

I had two gnarwhals at one point but it was for a competition set. I actually traded the second one at my first competition. They were different runs so they did play a little different. I actually know someone who buys about three or more of almost every yoyo released on yye! His collection its crazy!

Im the same but with Northstars! I have 3 right now, need to get rid of one and get all the colors