What yoyo?

What are some good yo-yos under $50 besides shutter and horizon?

Try the yoyofactory aluminum Dream. I’ve heard really good things about them. I’ve also heard some really awesome stuff about the yyf CZechPoint and I love My CZM8 so I’m sure it’s really good.

I recommend the Czech Point: it’s stable, long spinning, light and fun, everything you would want in a yoyo :slight_smile:

The Yoyofficer Lava is really nice.

I found the Lava to be slightly vibey and no good. The overall feel of it felt like it was cheap.

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Look at a few yoyos by C3yoyodesign like the level 6 or the teleport. I have a Yoyofficer Orbis that is lightweight and comfortable and plays great.