what yoyo

What would be a good yo-yo for my lil. sister.
She wants to do
I cant wait to order this for her!!!
(she is a begginner)

I suggest…
1a: either a yyj legacy 2 or a yyf ONE (with extra spec bearing)
As they are great beginner throws all around. But, the one is on the lighter side. So the legacy is a better call on my opinion, being the relative standard weight.

4a: yyj fiesta or yyj big-yo.
They’re both good starter throws that can take you quite a ways with 4a. I started with a fiesta and used it until I traded it :/.

5a: on the cheaper side I would say a stackless pgm or a legacy.
As you saw on my reply to your 5a post, I personally use a pgm for 5a.

Pick her up some string and maybe some lube as icing on the cake as well. She’ll need it.

…creeping and sleeping…

EDIT: pick her up about 200 polyester string, thin lube, a yyf multitool, a legacy, a one, a pgm, one of the offstring throws, some counterweights, aaannnnndddd don’t know what else.
Somewhere around there.

Jayyo will probably be here soon to suggest some stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Are we talking separate yoyos or can some be multi-functional?

Real fast, as we don’t know your sister’s skill (or lack of):
1A: I like to recommend the Legacy II. Two bearings, good weight, size, very stable and smooth for the money. It assumes nothing but can take you as far as you want and at an amazing price. It’s suitable for 1A, 3A and 5A if you want a very versatile player.

If she can bind, well, bets are off. So many more options come up, including the Protostar and Northstar, or lower cost(yet high quality) throws, as well as metals. Depends on your budget, desired features and other things.

4A: Fiesta XX is the way to go in my opinion, but the Go Big and Big Yo are good as well. Don’t under-estimate the Shinwoo Griffin Wing though. It’s super affordable, durable and easy to catch. It has an A-bearing, but hey, that’s no big deal. I still recommend a Fiesta XX, but the Griffin Wing ain’t no slacker if you’re on a budget.

5A: I’ve seen a lot of stuff used. I don’t know what your budget is, but I’ve seen Jayyo do some amazing stuff with the Adegle PSG. Get a Takeshi dice with it. Pure awesome at a great bundle However, Duncan’s newer Metal Drifter ain’t bad either with a completely clean bearing, my kid’s is completely unresponsive and he loves it. The Metal Drifter is packaged for 5A. The Freakhand is FH2 with monster graphics, sells for cheap and with a clean bearing becomes pretty much unresponsive, and is also packaged for 5A. I picked up 3 not too long ago for $30 at a local big box retailer.

Another option I like is the stackless PGM with a Takeshi dice. Lower in cost and a shape that’s pretty 5A friendly to me.