what yoyo

i got back into yoyoing today and im wanting a new throw i want something cheap and unresponsive what should i get ???

Get a ONE.

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starlite is amazing and it’s like 25 bucks. one and whip are ok…for the price good…but just ehh performance wise, I mean it will get the job done but nothing to write home about. The starlite on the other hand is cheap and plays like a champ. Starlite is my vote!

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YYF Whip.

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right now i have yyf velocity i like i alot but a want something new thank you

Well if you have a velocity already, I would say get a DV888

define “cheap”

YYF one is 10 bucks which is cheap regarding to it’s decent/modern performance
YYF DV888 is 40 bucks which is a steal regarding to it’s performance

cheap, nice and easy, go for YYF stuff

i have about 30 bucks

I totally agree with the starlite! It is an amazing yo yo that can handle any trick you throw at it (only thing it cannot do is grinds which in that case you’d want a metal yo yo, delrin, or a textured plastic), it’s a low price and you can’t go wrong with it! I also recommend the DV888 if your set on a metal, but for a first unresponsive for sure get a starlite (or any yo yos in the star line).

can i get a starlight any where with color

Lyn fury is hella cheap and will last you all the way to winning worlds.

It outplays quite a few metals I’ve played with.

well, if color is the issue you might as well get a protostar or a northstar. both amazing, just heavier than the starlite. Starlite=lightest(65.7 grams) Protostar=inbetween(67 grams) Northstar=heaviest (69.5 grams). I have a northstar and love it, but i’ve tried the protostar and starlite as well and they are both awesome as well.

i dont care about the color i was just wondering if there was a place i could get it from so im going for the starlight

Cool, i plan to buy a starlite soon too.

Get it from yoyoexpert?