What yoyo would these fit

What yoyo would these fit

is the axis system of some Onedrop yoyo’s, if you look on their web site, there is a page with all the specifications of the existing ones and compatibility with the yoyo models

It don’t say compatability

the side effect they all have the exact same attack, so all the side effect are compatible with all the yoyos indicated.
the choice is just a matter of taste.

however those (spikes) came standard (blacks) with Code 2 (first run)

What yoyo would you recommend

yoyo with side effects?
advise? advice is very difficult and not very useful for you the thing I can advise is, if you have the opportunity, to try them.
of the ones I tried I can tell you the ones that I liked

  • Code 2
  • Cascade
  • Markmont Classic
  • Precription (I never tried it but I think it is a good yoyo)

Markmont classic 100%. Gradient is also good is really light and fast.

2016 benchmarks