One drop side effects

Hey guys, just dropping by on Christmas with a quick question regarding one drop side effects.

The questions is actually just a general “how do side effects work” and although the answer may at first seem elementary I’ve had a little trouble with a prescription one drop that had both of its stock side effects pop out.

I am not sure how to re attach the side effects as I thought the solution would be to screw them back into place but there isn’t enough metal for purchase to do so, and simply popping them back in does not seem like a permanent solution.

Side effects for yo yo s look like a pretty cool feature, but I do not yet know how to maneuver and attach them, so if there is a guide/video/appropriate thread you guys could point me towards that would be great.

Although posting with instructions in this thread would help too.

And of course,
Merry Christmas!
May all your throws bring joy to you and those around you!

YouTube. Onedrop has a video regarding side effects.

Hey guys I’ve been loving my se yoyos. And I was wondering what side effects work good for the gradient and the markmont classic? Thanks:)

I like the brass domes, but then I prefer a heavy throw.

Cool I agree. What about for the gradient?

I play my MarkMont Classic with aluminum MC Side Effects. For the Gradient I like spikes or the new Energy Domes.

I use the brass MC in my MarkMont Classic, but spikes in my Gradient. I pretty much love the aluminium MC in the Prescription,but want to try it with spikes.