Summit and Side effects

  1. Do all side effects fit the Summit? are all these interchangable with all other one drops?



Yes and sorta. All Side Effects will fit ALL yoyos that feature Side Effects, but not all One Drop yoyos have Side Effects. Mix n’ match and find what works best for you!

Personally, I like the Anti-Yo SEs in my Summit.


Got ya, thanks. that’s what I ment by interchangable with other yoyo’s that feature the side effects.

So are there other brands that feature SE’s non One Drop? like you mention Anti-yo?

Cool, I got my Summit and I’m thinking of getting a second one, but I would like to also try the SE’s.


One Drop:

-Bape 2


-Sakura SE


I believe those are all the models that can use Side Effects.


Cascade too:) but glad you took the time to post that list.


Eternal Throw: Victory


Omg and the Anti-Yo YWET, DRI-YWET, and SLCK-YWET.

There’s just so many.

Oh and Jhendrickson once modded a YYF Whip to use them.


That’s cool! look like a ton of work tho.


Did it play better or about the same?


Since a Whip is light and doesn’t spin long, yes, it probably added longer spin times and maybe stableness.