Can you put Side Effects on an Eneme?

Just wondering if this was possible or what you would have to do to be able to do it?

It is possible if you do a lot of modding but that’s about it.

you would probably have to tap the hub but im not exactly sure how side effects work so i might not be that much help. so good luck!!!

I don’t think this can be done… The walls would not be the right thickness and someone would have to machine a huge center hole but tapered at the exact angle of the SE system… Not something that could be done easily…

So maybe if you are lucky Landon Balk can pull some weird trick and get it, but it could wind up with a very messed up yoyo

No, there would be no way to shape the inner wall to support SE’s.

Besides, getting the mod work done would cost much, much more than just a new SE yoyo.

Ok fair enough. Thanks for all your replies. I do not really know how the side effects work but I assumed that they could just be screwed into the side.

Out of curiosity can you put them on a Y Factor? It is the only one drop throw I have.

The Y-Factor has Side Effects. All OD’s do except the Cafe Racer. Go check them out on the OD page.

The Y factor does NOT use side effects. It uses a pressfit round nut.

Many one drops don’t use side effects. If the yoyo does use side effects, the description here on YYE will mention it.

So those things on the Dingo and Y-Factor aren’t side effects?

No, they’re an old one drop axle system. You can’t take them out.

Only the 54, Code 1, Dang, Code 2, Cascade, and Yelets use side effects.

Edit, oops, I forgot the Dietz.

And the Bape 2/Viszilla, YWET, Hazmat, Victory…

Oops, I forgot about those…

The Dingo, Y-Factor, Cafe Racer, Burnside, Project, Project 2, and Markmont Next all do not use Side Effects.

I’m sorry I never knew the difference.

It depends whether or not you are the owner of B!ST.

I wish!

Maybe someday though…