Can you put Side Effects on a Cafe Racer?

Just wondering. ;D

Well, anything’s possible with the right tools and most importantly, enough money…but in stock form you cannot.

How could I put them on?

Not possible

You’d have to modify where the axle goes by drilling it out. I think there’s a bit more to it than it being as simple as that though. The Cafe Race as-is uses one of the typical set screw axles(common in many yoyos). This was done to keep costs low. The same tactic was used on the Burnside, for example.

So, like has been said twice: as is, no way. You need the appropriate skills and tools and knowledge to make the modification to make the Cafe Racer compatible with Side Effects.

No spells no. Unless you mod the halves, which unless you’re a well experienced machinist could turn out disastrous.
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its possible but only through modding.

how about on a markmont next? and that’s sick^

You can mod almost any yoyo to accept stacks or side effects but the price of getting this done will probably be more than a side effect yoyo. so emotes you absolutely need a side effect cafe racer or markmont next just buy a new yoyo.

Agreed. It would be so easy to mess up the MN also. Though it has the brass hub, they aren’t removable…
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why on earth would you want to remove markmont nuts?

Ive grown to hate the mmn, don’t even throw it. I’d like to salvage some fun from it.


what is that?

After many hours of hard work, I have done it. I have achieved the impossible. I have done what they said could not be done. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I present to you: Side Effects on a Cafe Racer:

You’re welcome!

Please note I have 100% addressed the original poster’s question.


That’s a perfect solution. But can you do it with ultralights?
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A whip with side effects

Why yes, yes I can.

Fresh out of my Relic Code 1! Once again, the Studio42 ModShop amazes!

Do I have to take the aluminum spikes out of my 54 and the Dietz Side effects out of my Dietz? My Code 2 won’t be here for several days, so we’ll have to wait on those. I do intend to have a full set of OD Side effects.

You’re giving me a whole set of ideas to expand my fetal yoyo web site!

Mod tutorial please?

Though the mod looks difficult, if you’re careful it can be done with only a few hours of practice.

To achieve the mod in studio42’s photo:

  1. place the Yoyo on a floor or some other flat surface
  2. remove the side effects from the bag or box you keep them in (or remove them from the Yoyo they’re currently in)
  3. place the side effects inside the cup of the cafe racer.

** Though this mod doesn’t work if you throw the cafe racer, it works quite well as long as the cafe racer is sitting flat and motionless.
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