Side effect hub mod?

Hello guys. I recently stripped my yoyo’s threading and was going to get it fixed when I thought of getting someone to help me and my friend do a side effect mod for our yoyos.

I wanted to ask if this was possible, replacing the axle with side effects. Also, how much risk is there in the mod and how consistent is it? (Will one yoyo be different from another of the same model?)
This mod seemed quite risky so I was looking for reccomendations on very experienced modders to help me accomplish this.

Thanks a ton guys :slight_smile:

Yep this is totally possible. I just put links to two that were similar to your idea.

Zammy also had an end that had a broken hub so Feral Parot replaced it for him. Couldn’t find picks of this though.

Just found it. Scroll to the bottom of the flickr page. I included the full story.,29074.msg329056.html#msg329056

^Keep in mind that this solution does require that you have a Side-Effect yoyo on hand that is going to be sacrificed for the hub area, but it definitely is possible! Contact experienced machinists. My recommendation goes to Landon Balk of 3Yo3 yoyos