side effects

what are they? what ine drop yoyo’s have them…can u use them liks bubstacks? just a few questions I have about them…

Think of them like weights. They are put over the hub so you can make your yoyo feel different. If you want a heavy yoyo, get the heavy ones. If you want light, get the ultralights, etc. The one drop yoyos I know they come on are: CODE1, DIETZ, and 54.

also, to add on to what big cat said, one drop did make hubstack side effects called rotating side members.
They’re just a way of customizing a yoyo to your liking.

and just to add on to what everyone said. You can also matador on the spiked ones.

ok, does the markmont next have them?? I was thinking about getting one…

I don’t believe it does. That was an earlier release from OD, as far as I know, the 54 was OD’s first Side Effect yoyo. There is speculation on a new MMN coming that is updated with side effects.

only od yoyos that have them right now are code 1, 54, and dietz.

I am looking for the brass 7g ones to put in my dietz. Does anyone know where to get them? Is it worth hitting up the BST for them?

I think I’ve seen some gentlemen with them on the bst. Just post an ad or something.

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