What yoyo string should I get?


I am looking for some good yoyo string that is really good with slack and overall play. Like MonkeygingeR string if you have used it. I want it to be a reasonable price not 7$ for 6 strings. :slight_smile:


Twisted strings type E is pretty cool and you can’t go wrong with a bunch of kitty string


kitty string is just a tad more expencive than yye string, but I feel holds tension better, and is better for slacks and whips. for some reason, I also feel like the yye twisted color strings are actually better for slack. probably a mental thing but its what i feel.


YYSL AMMO is the best non-trilobal poly string you can get(or venom if u don’t like thick strings).

You can get a 100 pack for $55 and it’s just amazing