Helpful guide and opinion on different string companies

From what I have learned string does matter a bit. Like the comfort and your belief in your ability to do slack tricks etc.

Rough= good slack a little speed
Soft= good for comfort and speed.

All this has been tested on a Gloria by Pico yoyo.

Toxic Dragonstring Markmont: Very durable string in the words of Mark Montgomery himself, as for speed and feel I personally find it a tad bit rough on the hands it is definitely not the soft type if that’s what your looking for. It doesn’t cause much string burn but has that slightly rough feeling if your into that stuff. Very good for slack tricks as it is the tougher polyester that keeps it’s shape.

Venom: I may be biased but this string is one of the best ones, as it is actually very soft but can handle slacks well and binds properly without being too grabby. A must try if you want to know what you like in a string.

Type X: This one is probably my new favorite aside from the cool canister the venom comes in this is almost the same string for me as the venom only a bit softer and maybe ‘slightly’ thinner. I personally like it given that it costs less than the venom. A very good pick as well in terms of premium strings.

YYE Bundle Strings: Very cheap strings to use if looking to buy a large bundle of 100s. It is a tough polyester so it can be rough on the hands especially speedy tricks. However very good for slacks I must admit.

Candywires (E-type/S-type) : Very nice and soft strings. E type is not as hard as some might imagine it’s quite comfortable for me considering it is a string meant to be good with slacks hence a little stiff/rough. It is less rough on the hands than most strings. S type becomes even softer! This one is very smooth on the hands and as advertised good for speedy tricks. Not exactly as good for slacks but still very possible it just whips slower in my opinion. Something I noticed is that these strings tend to be a little thinner than all the others.

Kitty String (regular/nylon) : Regular String of Kitty is a very good balance for me. It has that slightly rough feeling but somehow a distinctive softness. A very safe choice if you don’t know what to get. Nylon then is also similar but I personally like the feel it’s smoother and a tad bit softer than the regular.

Blueprint string: What can I say it is a decent string to have as a ‘disposable’ (type you can order 100 pieces cheap) one. It is very good for slack strings since it is quite sturdy but this makes it a little rough on the hands with speedy tricks. Gives very tight binds like it binds well in my ‘lazy bind’ (you whip a laceration around the yoyo) however it snags a little more than other strings. For me the “dealbreaker” of this one is in my small sampler order it is wound WAY TOO TIGHT like I struggled so much to get the loop open (being multicolored didn’t help in realizing if I’m twisting the right way sometimes) to slip it on the bearing/yoyo and so it also doesn’t twist back totally right when you close the loop. Nothing against the company but I am just sharing my experience with this.

In general when picking bundles of 100s (disposable strings) I recommend Kitty String or Candywires can’t go wrong with neither and are very balanced to do all tricks without wearing down your hands in extended sessions.

I like Venom and Type X over Dragonstrings I’m more into softer strings now ever since I tried type x and candywires. I seem to like either candywires or kitty as bundle strings. These are my opinion on experiences to help people choose a string for them so yes a bit biased but I tried to be objective too :smiley:

Tell me what you guys think of the review and what you guys like to use

Good Job on the review!

I like to use kitty string nylon because it slacks so nice

Thanks! I’m hoping this can be useful for all the people trying to choose strings :slight_smile:

I was thinking of making kitty string nylon my 100s bundle string its very good balance for me is there a downside for nylon string? aside from it melts in 2a yoyos.

Why don’t more manufacturers use nylon?

I would assume each company of string wants to be different, so they use different materials, but I agree nylon is beast! Also, good job on making this I have been seeing a couple of threads about what kind of string to choose so this should help

Type X is my bread and butter. I tried various other strings and found that String lab did it right with this string. The only problem with this string is that it tends to unravel when practicing new tricks that you might mess up. So if you constantly practice new stuff you might consider buying bundle strings.

True enough ^ I’m considering making it (or venom) my go-to string for say performances and it’s cheaper than venom too! It’s important to have bundle strings to for risky tricks that cause knots in the end…

Yes it is!

The main reason I buy kitty nylon is its nice and its cheap most of YYSL string is pretty spendy