What yoyo string is better?

Im trying to decide between slick six or polyester. Im an intermediate yoyoer. i really liked the string i saw here: [urlhttp://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/360/25-Pack—100%25-Polyester-YoYoExpert-String[/url] but i dont now what is better for me. Help, im ordering my stuff soon.

YYE Pro string is pretty good. It’s slightly more expensive but definitely worth the price over your regular bulk poly.

Slick Six has kind of fallen out of favor in recent years. It really can’t compete with higher end polyester strings like YYE Pro. Plus, it performs absolutely terrible in any kind of humidity, which is something to keep in mind, particularly if you live somewhere where that’s an issue.

Bulk poly is actually pretty nice, but they tend to wear out really quickly (no more than an hour of good play). But hey, they’re cheap and functional, so they serve a purpose.

Of course, they’re no match for GRYC strings… ::slight_smile:

Type X! It’s well worth the money.