What yoyo should my friend get?

I have a friend who is going to start yoyoing, but he needs a good beginner yoyo. He doesn’t have any preferences yet. I was thinking a Velocity or a Kickside with YYJ thick lube. Any other suggestions? ???

I’d recommend a Lyn Fury. I have both the Lyn and the Kickside and I much prefer the Lyn. I got the Kickside to see what the hybrid response was like but I really don’t like it and would never have another yoyo with that response. It’s a shame because I love everything else about the Kickside. The Lyn is easily tunable to take someone from beginner responsive to advanced dead unresponsive. It’s cheap and nearly indestructable, a great yoyo.

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I think that the Journey is a great choice for a beginner yoyo. :wink:

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i would recommend that even before he or she gets that that they get a mosquito from walmart ($5).

after that the velocity, kickside or maybe a fhz if you dont mind modifying it later or even a revolution.

the journey is very similar to the kickside. i think that the kickside is just a bit smaller

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I still think that the Journey is a great choice.

I think he should get a Bape…lol jk i agree with x52. Journey FTW

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Yes. Journey for the win for beginners. Not a Lyn Fury, not a Kickside, if he’s a beginner, just get a Journey. Enough said.

i hate to disagree, but i will. there is no enough said. he should think about all his options

He doesn’t have preferences though like he said. And the Journey is a great beginner yoyo.

there is more to think about than just preferences

Yeah, but I’m just recommending it, and I think it’s a great beginner choice.

yes but your other post sounds like you should get the journey or you will regret it or something like that. it sounds really pressuring. read it again from the buyers point of view.

But both of those choices aren’t the best for beginners, because they are slightly less responsive.

thick lube it

But you can just get a Journey and not have to buy thick lube.

are you positive? because i think that the journey would need some lube. does it come back at a tug?

Yes it does. I have one and it’s tug responsive.

I am going to ask my friend what he wants to get either tomorrow or Friday. I am going to show him the Lyn Fury, Journey, and Velocity. Also, should I he get thick lube if he gets the Lyn Fury or the Journey? Also, when he gets more into yoyoing and learns some more tricks and decides he wants to make his yoyo unresponsive by putting K-pads in it, will it play well? (Basically I am asking if the Journey/Lyn Fury would play well with K-pads in them.) :slight_smile:

Yes, both will play well with K-Pads. And the Journey is a beginner yoyo so it doesn’t need thick lube, because it’s tug responsive stock. Only the Lyn Fury needs it.

The Lyn Fury has a double o-ring response in it, you wouldn’t need a k-pads. I still have both o-rings in my Lyn and it plays dead unresponsive. I just cleaned the bearing and put a small drop of thin lube in it. The Lyn would also easily allow the next step by taking out the o-rings and siliconing the grooves that the o-rings sit in.

If he goes with the Lyn, he’ll probably need the thick lube to make it responsive. When I first got it and wanted it tug responsive I never bothered with thick lube. I put a teeny blob of Carmex lip balm in there and that did the trick quite nicely. The reason I recommend the Lyn is that new learners usually pick up the beginner tricks fairly quickly and want to learn more advanced tricks. Rather than having to get a new yoyo to take you beyond the beginner tricks, the Lyn can take someone from beginner to advanced tricks pretty easily.