What yoyo should I get for my sister’s birthday? She has no prior experience in yoyoing. Should I get her a Journey, a FAST 201 or a Kickside. I am trying to get her started in yoyoing.

I recommend the journey but the kickside is good too.

They both will get her from beginner to intermediate :smiley:

Hope this helped.

Here’s a tip for giving presents: Try getting a gift that you would give to yourself. Think of a yo-yo that you wish you had when you started yo-yoing.

I think that Journey is a great choice for beginners. :wink:

Does she have interest in yoyoing? Because if she doesn’t, pleasepleaseplease, don’t push her. I tried to do that to my brother, got him a speedmaker, and then made him learn tricks, eventually he wanted a M1, so I got him one, and then he gave up. :’(

But if she does have interest, has been playing with your yoyos, then get her a ceclon by YYJ, that’s what I would recommend. Lyn Fury, Journey, Speedmaker, they’re all great choices, but I think some of them might be unresponsive.

Lyn is good to consider… And who are you? U an SWX forum?

For beginners I would go with a YoYoFactory’s Velocity, it’s the best because you can set its responsiveness without needing anymore things (like lube and all…)

I know this by experienced since I teach yoyo to a friend of mine and the Velocity is the best. And yes, I own a Lyn Fury and I still consider the best beginner yoyo would be the Velocity.

This only express my opinion on the first yoyo to get to anyone :wink:


My first yoyo was a velocity there a great beginner yoyo plus the dials help you should get her that or a journey and a thing of thin lube

She has no experience, so why thin lube?