my brother needs a yoyo

hi, my brother is just beginning to yoyo he can bearly catch it in his hand. i need to find him one in just about 4 5 days or so 7 at the latest.

thanks very much Matt \ sternberg97

my first yoyojam yoyo was a kickside. i still use it sometimes. i got up 2 a trapeze with it. i would get a kickside.

The Kickside is a great choice for a beginner. Another good choice that is recommended a lot on this forum is the Velocity. The Velocity is very adjustable and can be set to whatever one would prefer, As this is said the Kickside also has an adjustable gap and can be adjusted, but in a smaller scale than the Velocity. But if he is learning his first sleeper, most yoyos would work fine. A FAST 201 will work fine but if he does not want to keep buying yoyos, he should go with a Velocity, Kickside or something like that.

I agree
I had a kickside for 3 months and it got me to the expert section
I still use mine but now it is the most beat up yo I have…

I use it for :o

My first choice would be the Velocity. The response is literally adjustable, and can take him from a beginner’s first throw, to more advanced tricks like “And Whut” and “Ladder Escape.” No joke.

However, if the Velocity isnt what you want, I suggest the Kickside as well. Its what I started on, and took me very far,