:slight_smile: I am completely new to yoyo’s I just started an hour ago. What yoyo would you recommend for starters. My friend recommended the flying squirrel, what do you guys think? Thanks

First of all, welcome to the YYE forums!

I would reccomend the YoYoJam Kickside or the YoYoFactory Velocity to you to begin your yoyoing journey.

Hope you have fun learning to tricks which you can do here:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Thanks much, I like the kickside. :slight_smile:

My friend let me borrow a brain yoyo I was just wondering if I bought the yoyo from this site how much does shipping cost?

About five dollars would be a pretty safe estimate

I’d reccomend going to walmart, or Toys’r’us if you have one and lookin for somthing like a Freehand or any other duncan you may find… This will save you a tad bit of money on shipping… Then when your ready for a more advanced yoyo the YYE store will be here

Get a Velocity!!! It’s responsive and non-responsive hmmm I wonder if you can do thumb grinds on it.

you cant do thumb grinds with the velocity btw. Also, dont forget then YYJ Lyn Fury. If I were you, try learning the “bind” as soon as you can. The earlier you start the more natural it will become, and the sooner you can get into unresponsive play. Also, the bind as well as some cool variations (think mickey bind) look very snazzy. Happy yoyoing!

lyn fury is a great yoyo. It was my first yoyo and I still use it for my freestyles.

My first yoyo was a duncan dragonfly and it was the worst decision ever. I would recommend a Kickside.