what yoyo should i save up for?


Hey guuuuyyyyssssss, so I know it’s a bit early, but what yoyo should I get at nats? 1a, unresponsive,preferably h or v shape, dont really like butterfly. Usually go for heavier, but that’s not really a problem, and I want it to be kinda smooth. Want around $70 can go higher ($85 or something) or lower obviously :wink: (but not too low…) what do you think? There are stands for all brands right? if so, a di base 2 or capless seems like a good choice.how much is the CZM84VK? What are some other good yoyos? For that price :slight_smile:
Edit: oh ya, just remembered the chik :slight_smile: might go with that…


I vote Capless. My favorite yoyo since I got it three months and four yoyos ago.


Go capless ;D


I was already thinking capless, so thanks guys! How does it compare to my supernova? Lets just say my supernova is a 8/10 yoyo, what would the capless be? And is it smaller or bigger? Thanks :slight_smile: :wink: ;D


It plays a bit heavier than a Supernova, and I think it might be a bit slimmer, but I enjoy it way more, with the weight and simple shape. It’s not heavy, just a perfect medium. And C3 has great colorways.


okay, now i want one! And, im getting it from nats,will i be able to try one out? And, as a plus, will it be discounted… :slight_smile:


Okay, forget everything that happened before this, just read this and reply to this please.

I looked closely and have to say, I don’t like the shape if the capless… So now, im thinking, CZM84VK (where did that name cine from anyway),di base/di base 2,MAYBE chik, hmmm what else?around $70.
What would you get?


cz=Czech m8=mate 4=for vk=vashek

I’d go with the chik or maybe try to find an Ava or gnarwhal on the bst


Awe it’s ok Capless I’ll comfort you. How can you not like a good old organic throw?


I really dont know actually, the czm84vk and capless look kinda alike, but the czm is nicer for some reason XD
The nicest shapes are erhier di base 2 or chik. I think I might go with chik, cuz if shape, side effects, and I hear that things a beast.


True. The czm8 is supposed to be awesome too, one of the best YYF.


Someone said it was the Berserker of yyf. Seems as though this point has been brought up a lot lately.

(SR) #13

I would advise you to delete this thread, or at the least quit reading it completely. I’m being serious.

You shouldn’t be deciding what you want right now at all. Wait until you get there to try absolutely every yoyo you want to try (because, trust me, there is a ton) because you will be disappointed if you spent all this money on a new yoyo and you go and try out numerous better ones only to find that you could have had some of those better ones.

You have practically hundreds of yoyos available for you to try at Nationals. Take the opportunity to try things out before you make a decision. You’re way ahead of yourself here.

I wish someone would have told me this when I went.

(kclejeune) #14

Best advice in the entire thread. Try as many as you can. I guarantee you’ll change which is your favorite at least once.




Go with SR. Even if you order something now, or buy something right away at Nats, you’re going to be at a huge contest, with tons of tables full of throws of every weight, shape and size. You’re bound to find something you want equally or more than the one you already bought. I think save you’re money. Trust me, even if the wait is long, even if you’re money is burning a hole in your pocket, you’re gonna get to Nats and be grateful you saved :wink: