yoyo reccomendations

I was just looking around, and I want to get a yoyo under 70 dollars, not off the BST. I don’t really mind undersized or oversized, I would like something that is capable of playing fast, but slow as well. Unresponsive, obviously and don’t really mind the brand. What do you guys think is the best yoyo to go for, based on preferences?

Hmmmmm… You have a lot of options, do you want a metal or plastic?

didn’t john hasselback say those very words in the bebop interview?

Anything can play fast or slow really lol but u could shoot for around a 66 gram weight to give u the in between.

Would definitely get the bebop

preferably a metal, was looking at the yoyofactory nova - is that any good or can you get better for that price?

what are your opinions on the c3 design capless? I hear it’s really good.
I’m looking for a smooth long spinning metal for under 65 dollars.

capless and nova are outdated

Take a look at the CZM8, Shutter, Level 6, and 86400

I second this tho the nova and capless are still nice throws, just more expensive then recent budget metals.

I’d say the czm8 and level 6 are more stable than the shutter, I have no idea abou the 86400

The capless may be outdated but it is still a very good throw. Don’t take it off your list because it’s been around for a while. And I would also check out the benchmark series. I have only tried the Organic shape and I liked it a lot.

I already have the benchmark v shape, and I found that it was kind of inconsistent. That was probably my bad luck though. I found that sometimes the binds slipped and sometimes they came up to fast. spin times are sometimes really good and sometimes really bad. I think that It is a good yoyo though and I have fixed the spin times issue.

the yoyo probably inconsistant it’s probably you or something you’re doing to it.

hey guys,
What about the werrd hour, minute or 86400??

Get a czm8

The 86400 is awesome. A little on the big side but very comfy

As for your problem with the benchmarks that sounds like the pads are odd for you or maybe you’re not used to a flat bearing. Would try changing those and see if you can get it to meet your preferences

hey guys,
what about the aviator by yoyofactory? any of you tried that

Very stable

So does that mean we can recommend yoyos up to $80 now?

if you want

is it worth getting the shutter+ czm8 ? ::slight_smile:

I’d personally get a shutter and then wait for the too hot to get released