What yoyo should I get

I just ordered my genesis +. Do anybody got a recommendation on a awsome yoyo under 60$

C3YoYoDesign Di Base. $55.

That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. I forget what I paid for my RecRev Sharp. The Halo is sweet too. Not sure what a One Drop Cafe Racer runs, but I’m also too lazy to look it up.

Lots of stuff in the $60 range.

Okay thanks, do you have any recommendation for plastic yoyos? :slight_smile:

Di Base.

Plastics. I just went on about that a bit ago.

Adegle PSG and Asteroid should not be overlooked. IGNORE the price. Major performance!

After that, I say skip the Lyn Fury, although it’s good. It needs to be siliconed, then it’s much better.

Legacy II is really good.

Chaser is an aggressive mover. Heavy in weight, yet plays light. Almost 74 grams and can get moving fast.

PGM if you’re into budget and stacks. Good for 5A too. The stackless is a good performer as well.

The Protostar and Northstar are good choices and where I’d top out this list on “all plastics”. If you want lighter, then Starbrite. Good stuff!

FHZ and Freehand/Freakhands are good too. ProZ’s are fun, convertible and cheap.


2 Things, the Yuuksta is about $60 i love mine…, And look at the YYJ plastic/metal Hybrids, most of em are less than $60 and I hear that for them most part they are great.

What kind of yoyo would you like? Full sized, undersized, wide or narrow, shape, weight?

I like full sized. G5 seems okay but it’s not so wide as I like it.

Yes, there’s a lot of amazing stuff from YYJ in the metal/plastic configuration. Of what I have. DM2, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro, Vexed, they are all amazing players. I have more on my wants list. The use of plastics drives DOWN the price, while the metal is used to help focus where the weight goes as well as provide performance functionality and additional features to enhance play.

Okay thanks

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend yoyojam vexed or spinfaktor x.