what yoyo should i Get?

hi guyswhat yoyo sould i get
code 1/genesis/supernova?
by the way there is no code 2 in israel…
i want a width really long spin yoyo that good for
string tricks and whips,maybe grinds to
i prefer normal sized yoyos this is all guys
plz help me…

I don’t think a new thread being made every few days is really productive.

Anyhow, of your three, I say Code 1. Buy some extra side effects to change the personality of the yoyo withouth major costs. Smooth, stable, spins a great long time, good for horizontal and can handle anything you throw at it.

I would imaging yye or yyz.uk would ship to Israel.

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Of those three choices code 1 for sure.

Why not the code2?

Apparently the code 2 isn’t available yet where he/she is. In Israel

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That’s how I read it. Of what was available, those three were of interest.

I’ve found it best these days to try to mostly work within the restrictions a poster may be placing on a discussion. If they can come up with a list of 3 yoyos they are interested in, why not stick within those limiting parameters.

Most places WILL ship to Israel, but the shipping is just way too much, even in my opinion. Since money values aren’t universal(as in a hard day’s work doesn’t equate to the same income everywhere), that shipping could easily be several days or a couple of weeks of income right there for some people in some places. Keep in mind our cheap domestic Priority Mail shipping isn’t so cheap when it goes overseas and costs around $20 or more.

The only one out of the 3 I have experience with is the code 1, and I still pull it out I like it so much even though it’s relatively old.

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Agreed. The Code 1 is a great yoyo. I recently re-discovered mine and it’s like it’s “all new” all over again. Old or not, this one I think is going to be a classic.

Get the Genesis