What yoyo should I get?

Please vote!
I don’t know which one to get!

Actually, out of the price you’ve given, (the DM2 is the most expensive as you made that as a vote option), I suggest buying a Raptor instead at $40. Raptor is smooth, very grindable, removable caps, comes with 2 extra response pads, spins long enough for you or any trick.

And I VERY much reccomend it. People may tell you Dv888 is much better, smoother, “greater” than Raptor. But of most peoples of I’ve seen, they’ve claimed to say that Raptor is smoother than Dv888. But in play and all others, they’re basically the same.
Also notice that the Raptor has cool laser engraving on the side. Also Raptor comes in many colors.

Are you a beginner? If so, the DM Is really good for beginners. But is pretty expensive