What yoyo should i get? ( preferences included )

Well i have about 65 dollars and cant spend more, i want to order a yoyo thats plays very good for its price.
My preferences: shape: winged or h shape for horizontal play
Response: anything thats good haha but preferrably silicone
Skill level: advanced ( i think ) finished all the tricks on the list and making my own :stuck_out_tongue:
Type of tricks: well i pretty much do horizontal and tech
Thnx alot guys and i appreciate it

the YYJ inspire is really good for the price it is really smooth for a hybrid as well. Plus it isn’t too bad for horizontal.

Find a few yoyo’s around that price range that you like the shape/weight of, and then ask about which one would be better for your style of play. Try to narrow it down a little bit more.

Zen 4 all day. It’s wing shaped to its good for horizontal. It’s fast weighing in at 64 grams. It’s super stable. And last of all it’s good for tech due to it not being very wide.