what yoyo should i buy?

I want 2 learn how 2 bind what yoyo should I buy?I would like a YYF or yoyo jam. would a grind machine be good 2 learn with or velocity,speed dial or dark magic? Also do Csize bearings spin longer than size A? please help me

Well considering you like the Raider (according to your YYE Profile) I would suggest a Duncan Throw Monkey, it has a similar shape to a Raider with the modified imperial shape that Yomega loved so well. Anyhow that is just my two cents.

Velocity is nice stuff. Always a good choice.

the YYF Velocity check this bad boy out

dang you just beat me

for you, I’d maybe recommend a velocity because in my opinion it would be the best for learning to bind. Another person on this aite that I know got a velocity (trying to learn binding) and never put it down since the first second he got it until he was tired enough to go to sleep. But it is also your choice! I wouldn’t use a grind machine but speed dial and dark magic would be pretty good choices too! And with the bearings, it all comes down to your throw so keep practicin it and you’ll expect good results…good luck!!! :slight_smile:

thank you to all im leathning towards a velocity.the raider is my favorite yoyo i have but i havent baught a new one since 2001.