What yoyo should I buy and how should I mod it?

I’m going to be going on a yoyonation “shopping spree” :wink: and I’m not sure what to get. Here’s my list so far.

  1. Aquarius
  2. Dark Magic
  3. KonKave bearing with spacers/shims

Does this sound good? Is there anything I should switch? If you have another idea for a yoyo then please give me some good reasons why, not just “I think it’s better.”

That’s the first thing I have to add. And what you have in your cart there is enough. But if you are getting short on string, it might be good to get some more. And if you don’t have any lube already, buy some of that too. It’s always good to have some lube lying around.

Also, pick up some flowable silicone :wink:

A 888 for me?

If you like to mod get a FHZ… You can mod the crud outa those things… Its kinda silly the mods they get. Theres a whole thread about it!

Add:… whooops… Came to grab the link to this thread and posted it on the wrong page… sorry guys…