What do you mod


Many people these days have done all sort of mods with there yoyos I was wonder what you buy just to mod it




No need to bump these types of topics. If someone has anything to say they usually do…


No one said anything :frowning: but do you mod anything and what is it

(rizkiyoist) #5

fireballs and raiders… for looping.


Yyf ones! :smiley:


If I can get some time to get out of the house, I am debating what Duncan to buy to put a set of mod spacers into. Wondering if I should use a Pulse so I can have an undersized. My Mod spacers are silver.

I also need to order some A-sized CenterTracs as well. I might wait until after I buy those and some other bearings(C centertracs and maybe some metric C bearings)


FHZ’s are good to pad reccesse, convert to C bearing, dye, add weight, and stack.