list of things a common modder would need

Some beginner modders who might not know what to use or what you need this is a list explaining why you need may need curtain items to keep your throw in top shape or to mod it greatly!

First you should be able to find these items at a home depot or lowes maybe even aces.

Pliers. To get bearings out of your yoyo
Flowable silicone to make new responce pads.
Mineral spirits paint thinner or lighter fluid to clean bearings be careful these items can be flammable and can harm your PLASTIC yoyo.
Lube thin lube for unresponsive thick for responsive yoyos you put lube on yoyos to keep them quite and working good.
String you need to replace your yoyo string often.

With this stuff you will be able to keep your throw in top shape please post if I missed anything.

To be a modder, you’ll need a lot more than that my friend…

Yes I know this is for very simplee beginner mods for beginner modders or new players that don’t know what mineral spirits are used for or why put lube on my bearing this is not for the advanced modders!

Obviously this is for begginer. Glad you said this.
For more advanced modders, you need things like a drill, sand/grit paper, satin machine etc. The drill or the machine that clamps your yoyo half and spins in high speeds is probably the most important. Because for satining (sometimes), grooving, making a siliconing groove and other special features needs them.

Satin machine? What the &@#$ is a satin machine? And “the machine that clamps your yoyo half and spins in high speeds” is called a lathe. Sorry to sound harsh but God do your research people.

To the original poster, great idea. This will be helpful.

Just to clarify, Mineral spirits or lighter fluid will not harm your plastic yoyo.
But yes, they are flammable.

sorry i didnt know heard it off of the nation a long time ago but thank you for telling me