What yoyo should buy?

Should I get YYF One or YYF whip,I’m just starting to yoyo and need some help thank you.

Well I like the Die Nasty and that’s essentially the WHIP but with caps. But honestly you can’t really go wrong with either of them as long as the both have SPEC bearings in them.

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What r caps?

It’s the picture thing on the sides of the One. It covers up the axle and nut.

This should give you an idea of what caps are… Go to 1:30.


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Get both :stuck_out_tongue:

one question though… can you bind return? If not, get the one.
if you can, well then it’s really up to you. I haven’t thrown a whip yet (mine shipped out today :slight_smile: ) but I know the one is pretty fun to use.

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I agree. If you can bind return, get the whip. Otherwise, get the ONE. It comes with the half spec bearing installed so it will return when you tug. When you get better, you can swap it out for the non-responsive bearing that it comes with(if you order the bundle with the bearing, which I recommend that package). The larger non-responsive bearing will let you dive into the string tricks.

Since you’re just starting out, get the ONE, not the Whip. Learn to bind then get the WHIP later on.

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Buy them both if you have the cash. It’s a total of 20 bucks, so why not? If you just get one of them, get the One with the large SPEC bearing, not the play dvd.

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Hmm I think If you starting to yoyo, get the one with the spec bearing, and learn the tricks on the internet.

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The One is a great begginner yoyo, but I heards many complaints on many unlucky men and women say that their’s have vibe. But this hasn’t happened so much now. If you get a normal ONE, it’s great.

I love my ONE. I like my DM2 better, but I still love my ONE.

I sometimes get some vibe and wobble. But, I warm up and within a few throws I’m throwing it straight and nice.

I can’t say a single negative thing about the ONE, and that’s not taking into consideration what I paid for it. I also bought three of them and not a single yoyo had an issue.