what yoyo next?

Right now I have a pretty small collection.
Just a DM2, Phenomizm, and 2 loop 900s.
Was just wondering what hubstack yoyo I should go with?
my friend ordered an 888x, so I’ll be able to try that out, but how do like the g5, genesis +, etc. compare?
I’m a bigger fan of normal size yoyos over undersized.

Definitely try out a new manufacturer. Aoda, CLYW, SPYY, One Drop, or YYF would all be great choices, as all have amazing normal/fullsized throws.

I think you can go with G5 because it has a z stack that is easier to catch than a hubstack

G5 because of the Z-Stacks although in play, I like Genesis. NOT Genesis Stacked. Pure Genesis.

But if you want stacks to catch, G5. Great. The shape is also kinda skinny.

thanks guys, I actually decided on the g5 before I saw you guys say it. lol but that just shows I made the right choice. :slight_smile: