What yoyo makes the least noise?


My dad got annoyed at my Protostar’s bearing noise and told me to buy a yoyo that doesn’t make any noise. Idc about price, I just want a good one, because he will probably fund me. :smiley:
Like Protostar, with hubs.

(Mark) #2

It is the bearing not the yoyo. If you haven’t already, put thin lube in the yoyo. I believe a 10-ball bearing has low noise. I can’t remember any others with the confidence to say they are quiet.

(stephen_cameron) #3

Buy a One drop P2…they should be restocking them pretty soon. I think next week at Onedropyoyos.com Super quiet.


thats what I was going to say


It is indeed the bearing.

I’ve had good luck with most of my YYJ bearings.

(Hardcore_Max) #6

One drop 10 ball’s are quite as a quite thing my dingo is sneaky as, I also put one in my DV888 and also became a stealth yoyo.


a fixed axle yoyo is the only one that you can keep quiet.


now that what we need to know.
bearing make more noise than fixed axel yoyo :smiley: :smiley: :D.