What yoyo is this?

I was gifted this yoyo at competition a few days ago and I’m not sure what it is although I have reason to believe that it is a YYF Supernova. It fits a size C bearing, I don’t have an axle right now but I ordered an 8mm YYF axle as my DV888 axle was far too long so hopefully that works out.

By chance, is anyone able to identify it and/or fill me in on why it wouldn’t have any of the standard YYF etchings?

Ur just shwoing the cup xD gonna need more than that…

That looks like a 7075 Supernova.

It looks like a YYF supernova. And you need a TINY axle not a long one like the DV888.

fair enough, I’ll get some more angles.

I’ve never asked for something like this before, my bad! :smiley:

You need a small axle not a large…

I ordered an 8mm, the DV888’s didn’t fit because it’s a 12mm if I remember correctly.
Thank you for letting me know though!

The supernova axle is CRAZY short.

Could be a severe…
jus’ sayin.

Severe was never anoed like that.

No way… A severe doesn’t look like that…

I might be thinking of a different severe tho…

But I have a supernova right now and that looks just like it…

more pictures
excuse the quality

Supernova :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea why it doesn’t have the Supernova or YYF logo on it?

b grade?

7075 doesn’t have the engraving like mine…

I didn’t know there was ever a supernova annoed like that…
I havn’t been throwing for that long though.

Ok let me set you straight.

This is a yoyofactory 7075 SuperNova
No. It’s not a bgrade many 7075 supernovas DONT have engravings
You bought the correct axle. 8mm.
(I’ve owned a 7075 supernova in this exact color way)

Word of advice: don’t sell/trade it. One of the best yoyos I’ve ever seen spinning.
The 7075 supernova is an unreal throw. You’re lucky to have one

(Retail value 115-120$) BST value (45-65$)

That’s all you need to know

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