What yoyo is this?

Got this in a grab bag of sorts. The hub is strange, it’s small, and had dif pads.
More pics to come tomorrow. Thanks.

EDIT: Got them! Scroll Down!

I will be waiting for more pics…

Hmmmm… I might actually NOT know this one. Weird.

Oh! Got them!
Let me know if you need a specific picture of a part of the yoyo, and I’ll get one by tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure that it is a B.O.A.R Piglet.

no the piglet has a different hub and is much squarer

Nah, I looked it up, don’t think it’s a piglet. They are a little different in hub and shape.

looks like a kanarek kukulcan yoyo. but still not sure.
Anyone can verify that?
Where did you get it?

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I think that’s it!
I got it from a grab bag of sorts from leftover YoYonation stock at my yoyo club, and since the Nation sold the kukulcan, it fits. If there are any pis that would help identify it, let me know, but I think you’re right. Thanks a lot, Kristiawan!

Your welcome.
Well, I also eye balling that yoyo from YYN left over stock, kinda want it, but shipping cost and tax kill the mood. LOL.

Yeah, International shipping must be a pain.
The only thing with the throw is the bearing’s shot, so I need to get a new one.

Just in case it’s not, you can take a picture of it with a white background then you can use the google images, image search. Just drag a phota into the search bar and you might get results.

Wow, I didn’t know that.