What yoyo for my first high end metal

Hello, i’m planning to get a new yoyo in december I want it to be metal and unresponsive and i have a budget of 135 $ but i can also go with 2 or 3 yoyo for a smaller price from the yoyo i have tested i liked my shutter and my awesome friend’s superstar so i tend to like v shape but i like to try new things.I prefer floaty/light yoyo over heavy/solid but i don’t really mind both i’m interested in one drop and clyw but i’m ok to go for other brand.Thank you all for recomandation :wink:

Best to wait till december then or at least black friday. That way you can get some discounte stuff and new yoyos come out every week. You may regret making a purchase so early.

Wait, until Black Friday, then get another Shutter. :smiley:

Um, in my personal experience this is what I would recommend:
888. I don’t know about the dv888, but I LOVE the original 888. It was my first and really one of the best unresponsive yoyos I had.
2. Then the super nova, because for the price I think it does preform as well.
3. Equilateral is one of my favorite yoyos right now, but it’s up there in price.
4. And I personally also like the prostar, even though that’s not metal.
(Now, at the risk of being yelled at for “Not giving the money back to the yoyo community” what ever that means, on amazon there is a n9 floater and n12 yoyo that are both REALLY good yoyos. Together they run about 35$ and the n9 is a great yoyo with hubs, just a little loud. And the n12 I think out preforms the shutter. But that’s just my opinion.)

Does yye do blackfriday sales?

Yup ! Abd mystery box :3